I Need A Good Landing Page

Well I’m not sure if I’m jumping backwards and forwards too much so I thought it was worth a re-cap in the journey from no riches – riches beyond my wildest dreams! 😉

  • I have purchased this site – darrellmott.com
  • I have set up WordPress on the site – as you see here
  • I have hosted this site with Bluehost – I find that they (as one of the major players) offer simple to use systems and fairly good support
  • I have posted a couple of items on here, as you will see.

However, I truly believe that before you embark upon ANY project, you set yourself up mentally (properly).. it’s like trying to build a house on sand if you don’t.

And so I put together a fairly detailed report, which is called Pre Game Profits. It is specifically aimed at people who want to start up their own venture and become successful at it.
I am following what I discuss, and more… (again of which I will go into more detail at another date)

So anyhow, you’ll currently see a link to Pre Game Profits on the right (and as of speaking, it goes nowhere – because my landing page was rubbish) and so I want to put together a good landing page, which describes what the product is about and how you can get it (it’s free).
(If the link on the right goes to a nice looking landing page – then you’ll know I’ve taken some action and done it!)

I also discuss a bit here in the video about how it can be quite difficult to get motivated to do stuff..

Well see for yourself here:

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