Darrell Mott Internet SEOHello Darrell Mott here, from darrellmott.com – obviously you’ll see the connection – nothing too original in the name choice! This is my blog, and currently this is my own personal corner of the Internet. I say personal, because although, like a lot of people I have my own Facebook page etc, it is obviously subject to Facebook’s rules, regulations, designs and updates.. whereas this blog.. well it’s all mine.. ALL mine I tell you!

Actually, I want to thank you  SO much for dropping by and having a read of this, after all you don’t know me, and I’m now eating into your time.. so let me introduce myself properly.

I’m Darrell Mott and I am a man from the UK. I live in Berkshire with Janine and Felix and I have two grown up sons who live in Newcastle and Coventry.

I currently work in the Internet space.. Now this is a little bit of a red herring because I ‘d like to be able to tell you I’m a seven figure guru marketer living the dream, sipping cocktails by the pool in my Speedos (hold that image…) but I’m not.

I do sort of earn my living from the internet, but it’s more indirectly.. I work as an independent Account Manager for various companies.. basically I hire myself out to help manage and deliver Internet Projects..

The problem? It is work-intensive, and takes up a lot of time, and I am still exchanging my time for money.. so my income is capped by the number of hours in a day, pretty much.

From my life working with Internet people, from entrepreneurs to coders, developers and of course marketers, I know that there is a better way to earn an Income online by selling information products, by affiliate marketing and of course other ‘passive’ streams of income. I also know that a lot of people fall by the wayside.

However, I’ve decided at this ripe old age of 50 to finally commit to build my own successful business and this blog will document my journey.

I’d really love for you to be able to follow me on this quest… to watch me go from zero to (hopefully) hero.. watch me go from starting this business up with $0 and take it to the next stage $1 then to $100 then to $1000 next up $10,000 and beyond..there is no limit really!

I do also want to get my first e-mail subscriber, so that I can start to build a high quality, responsive e-mail list and do effective email marketing.

So how am I going to get this done? And why now, and why not before, and many other questions of a similar nature…

Well I’ve recently hooked up with an online mentor called Dean. I met Dean a while ago at an Internet workshop and really liked him. I know he is a much respected 7-figure marketer and I am working with him, to guide me forward in the right direction. I’d already seen some of his stuff (coaching) and liked the way he taught..

So now if you do follow along with my story (and I really hope you do) you’ll get to see EVERYTHING I’m  doing along the way – Maybe this will be the inspiration you’ll need to do it too.. or maybe you’ll just enjoy seeing what happens. Either way I’d be delighted for you to join me.

I know, as I said before that 99% of people who try this, will not succeed, but I want to break that mould and become one of the 1%.. Really it’s a skill, and like any other skill it can be learned.. so here goes.

I’ll update this blog around once a week, I’ll be posting my goals, hopes, ambitions, blockers (there will no doubt be some along the way) and other bits and pieces that contribute to the journey.

If you have the time, please leave a comment below, that’d be really great!

Are YOU going to follow my mission to online success?

Maybe in around a year or so, I’ll be able to post her and say look at my six figure business.. perhaps you’ll be able to do the same.. I hope so!

Catch you next time!